To David Gemmell

On March 28, 2013 by admin

I wanted to share the following video with you. It’s an excerpt from one of my favourite books, Legend (Drenai), written by my favorite author David Gemmell.

David Gemmell is my biggest inspiration when it comes to my work, his characters speak to my in a way no other authors characters have. I was devastated when I found out he died, he played a big part in my early twenties, when my fathare passed away.

I didn’t know him personally yet I looked upon him like a father figure, he gave me advice, disciplined me, brought me close to tears and made me laugh, all this through his books, to me that’s amazing.

David, Rest in piece, Everyone dies but not everyone lives forever, you will though, through  your amazing books. It is so strange how someone I’ve never met can get me emotionally, yet that is  what you’ve done, i can’t express how your words have inspired me in my own life, i now try to stick to my own code , and though its not easy i find my self proud of the reflection in the mirror.

Some David Gemmell Quotes

David-Gemmell-001“Never violate a woman, nor harm a child. Do not lie, cheat or steal. These things are for lesser men. Protect the weak against the evil strong. And never allow thoughts of gain to lead you into the persuit of evil”

“Man is capable of greatness, love, nobility, compassion. Yet never forget that his capacity for evil is infinite. It is a sad truth, boy, that if you sit now and think of the worst tortures that could ever be inflicted on another human being, they will already have been practiced somewhere. If there is one sound that follows the march of humanity, it is the scream.”

“I have discovered in my long life that there are many words and phrases which have more power than any spell of magick. The most well-known of these is, of course, I love you. But by far the most deadly is, if only. For these two words can strip a man’s strength, his courage and his confidence. They become the father of regret and anguish and pain.”

Rest In Peace…

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