Maeve : The Watermill

Here we have the second building of Maeve, The Watermill. its the brown building on the Maeve Map, and serves....

11th May

Maeve : The Store House Final Model

So its been a couple of days but here we have it, the final model of the Store house.

09th May
Storehouse textured 1

Maeve Village

The simple image above is the small village of Kobblestone.

19th Apr

Hard work will always beat out talent

The only way to become amazing at anthing is to practice and practice, leaving no stone unturned

22nd Mar
Hard work will always beat out talent

Writing ‘a’

I was messing around in max yesterday, and here's the fruit of my efforts

22nd Mar
writing a

Ambition is Priceless

Sometimes you need a little motivation to fuel that fire in your belly

16th Mar
day and night

Making of Day & Night : Animating Protues

In order to handle animation i decided to create an animation class's which I call...

16th Mar
Making of Day & Night : Animating Protues

The benefits of a project

seeing a project through to the very end is a very beneficial experience. No matter the outcome you will take away valuable skills....

06th Feb

A Quote I’d Like To Share

I just wanted to share this quote with you today. When I read this, I knew exactly where Nicolo was coming from.

02nd Feb
The Prince