Body of Work! An Analysis

I've been analysing my work flow over the last couple of years and noticed a disturbing trend...

27th Jan
Mesh Graveyard

Some W.I.P

Sophia the Pirate!

15th Jan

The Painter In Me

I've always loved the look of hand painted textures, there is something so appealing about them compared to real textures ...

07th Sep
day and night

Some more heads

Here are two more heads I created. I think they both turned out pretty well actually.

23rd Aug
another Head 2

Head count

Being a one man band, when modelling I try to find the quickest and most efficient way to create good enough quality meshes

21st Aug
row of untextured heads

Maeve Village re-loaded x20

Building the village has been the hardest part of the project for me so far, getting the village to look right

05th Aug
Kobblestone street

Maeve Building set

Maeve Building set

21st Jun
Kobblestone Set

Maeve Store House (update)

All of Kobblestones food stocks including Ale, Grain and Salted Meats are stored there

01st Jun

The Maeve Inn (Maeves Rest)

Though not the first building I’ve shown, the Inn was the first building built by the Kobblestone settlers...

22nd May