Sendah: The Axe That Belonged

Encircled by the enemy, Len lead a ferocious attack and powered through enemy ranks!

19th Jul
The Axe That Belonged front feature


“With the right focus, everything falls into place” A good friend of...

11th Jul

Project Day and night Update 2.3 Unity3d

After months of work, I’ve finally been able to upload the latest...

10th Jul
DnN scr2

The Swords of Moonlight W.I.P

Legend has it that the souls of two sisters were trapped in the blades a long time ago...

27th Feb
Note: This is currently work in progress, and not the final model.

The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith is run by Flint. along with his family (a wife, two sons and his young daughter).....

21st Feb


Bailen is A well respected figure In the viallage, he is seen as somewhat as the village leader, often having villagers...

18th Feb
Bailen Final

Cadrice Concept

he's wreckless, loyal, cocky, funny, and could fart and belch as loud as any man around

02nd Feb
Cadrice Concept

A Post before bed

He came out looking a little meaner than I wanted, but I'm hoping once I add facial hair it will soften him up a little.

29th Jan
Bailen Concept

Mesh Graveyard: Collection i

I decided to put up renders of my previous unfinished work

27th Jan