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On July 10, 2013 by admin

After months of work, I’ve finally been able to upload the latest build of Project Day & Night (v2.3). I hope you will take time to explore and check out this little village I created. I have added a few little secrets here and there , both in terms of areas and gameplay.

In the next update (Don’t ask me when that will be). I plan to add the day and night system and possibly more little secrets to the project. Ill probably improve some of the models and textures too. I’ve also started detailing the plans for another project which will be a lot more gamey than this one (I wouldn’t consider this a game at all, more a tech demo), hopefully you will be hearing about it in the near future. As always critique is welcome (in the comment sectionor on twitter @B0rnF1rst) and let me know if you find a bug or somehow break my demo.

I also want to give a shout out to Kevin McLeod (@kmacleod twitter) for the awesome music he produces some of which is featured in the game and the Trailers. Please check out his website and support this guy!


The scene is based in a small village (Maeve) which features a group of  houses,  a Tavern, and street lights.

  • All lights be will be off during the day and  turn on in the evening.
  • Everything will be controlled by an internal clock (the most challenging aspect of this project.), Which will handle Sunrise and Sun-fall
  • There will be a controllable character in third person.






I know this might sound uninspiring but the aim here is to start out small, with time add more complexity to the project . One thing I’ve worked hard on is to try and achieve a visual look of the village which i think i have been successful on. Let me know what you think.

Checkout the Web demo which requires the Unity3d web plugin (its like Flash)

project day and night

Use mouse to look around

To Move around W=Forward : S=Backward : A=Left : D=Right or Arrow Keys

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