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“With the right focus, everything falls into place” A good friend of mine said this a little while back, and as the days pass, I believe in this ideology more. Initially when I started this blog, and eventually the website, my plan was to show my progress on my skills with the work I was doing, and though not a bad focus, I wouldn’t call it the right focus. Doing that made this site just another developer blog, irrelevant updates here and there, and though there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not what I want. Have you ever stumbled on a site, and found the content so great that you wanted to discover everything the site had? The website was like discovering a new continent, with your imagination going wild as to what you would discover next? Admittedly sites like this are very few and far between. But that’s what I’m aiming for with this site. I would like you the reader to feel as if you’ve found a new continent with unknown wonders to explore.

By Orange lake by *Blinck (deviant art)

Above the reader is looking to the new world, with unknown adventures laid before them.
Image: By Orange lake by *Blinck Deviant art

Its been a bit quiet on the blog front recently, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been lazing around, if you follow me on twitter, facebook or instagram, you’d see all my latest updates. I just don’t see the point of putting them on the blog/site, I would rather put up a big juicy update, article or project, to whet the appetite of the fine reader.

The only appropriate image for this site

The only appropriate image for this site

I don’t want this to be just another developer blog/diary! For one thing, there’s enough of them out there, and to be brutally honest I find them a little boring, at least the non developer in me. I’m not trying to tread on any toes, and this is not meant as an insult to anybody who writes one, but to me they are not very interesting. I love it when they show things like new gameplay or story trailers, I also love hearing about the new worlds and universes created. Basically anything that engages the imagination is good to me. But its not very interesting when they write about all their little updates about the code, or how they’ve changed a characters hair etc. So I don’t see why if I was to do the same, it would be any different. When I think about updates like the swords of moonlight or Cadrice concept, those updates are great regardless of when they are read because interesting information is added to the them, they build a universe in the imagination. So look forward to more posts in that style. I imagine this website to be like an amazing Library/Gallery in the future, with timeless content for future visitors. But that timeless content takes ‘time’ to write/create and cultivate. I’ll let this site… This new continent, grow and reveal its self organically as time goes on. I can only hope I have the right focus

Salt Lake City Public Library: An illustration on what I hope to be like in the future

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