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Hey there..

Come a little closer…I’d like to tell you a story

When I was around seven, my brother and I were playing an adventurous game long forgotten with the passing of years. Locked in combat against make-believe monsters we fought with bravery and vigour, we battled throughout the house and at a point ended up in our parents room. To dodge a ferocious cut I jumped to the floor and rolled with the grace of a cat ( at least that’s what I thought) and ended underneath the bed.

As I crawled out my hand thudded against something! I was never the type to touch or claim anything that wasn’t mine, proudly this has come with me into adulthood. But In that moment I felt a huge surge of curiosity, I had to know what it was!

Looking at it i saw It was a big box wrapped in a black bag with golden diagonal lines going across and something written on it in gold which I cant recall.

I felt a shiver as I reached and pulled the box free, what I saw had me in awe.

Queue Heavenly music

The Console to rule them all!

The Console to rule them all!

How my mother knew about this or to buy me…

I mean us! … Damn why do I keep saying that.

Anyway how she knew to get us one I don’t know. She’s never been one to know or pretty much care for new technology.

How long had it been there? We sat around the box turning it over and examining it, we dared not open it though, mum would not be pleased.

After a while we put it back where we found it and decided to wait till our mother presented it to us. That night I went to bed thinking about our discovery, wondering what wonderful surprises that box contained, I was so excited!

It’s funny, as a child hours felt like days, days felt like weeks, weeks felt like months. It probably wasn’t more than a couple of weeks after discovery that my mother gave it to us, but it felt like ages.

Upon opening it we discovered amazing new worlds like the mushroom kingdom, and met unforgettable characters like Megaman, we ventured through Hyrule as warriors challenging and destroying the horrible forces who kept the people oppressed and in constant fear. We crushed Garland who Kidnapped the princess in Final fantasy and knew how it was to be Aladdin running away from the guards in Agrabah. These were truly amazing experiences i had as a child that i share with my brother. They will with me probably forever.

So why have I just bored you with a little personal history?

I just wanted to share with you my past joys. Maybe I want you to know me a little better.


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