Cadrice Concept

On February 2, 2013 by admin

Here is another little character I’d like to introduce you Guys to.


Cadrice Concept

(Pronounced Cad • Reese.)

Made using my Tablet along with Photoshop, I wanted him to look like quite the pretty man, In the end he looked too pretty so I gave him some stubble to man him up a bit.

“Why are you making him pretty?” Interrupts a curious reader!

Thats a good question. When I first envisioned Cadrice, one thing I wanted was his looks to have huge contrast to his personality especially when it came to the way he acted.

When looked upon by other warriors, first impressions are he’s probably effeminate and soft in everything he does, only interested in himself and probably dances in a fields of daises like a little maiden. But once they get to know him they find it’s the very opposite. He’s reckless, loyal, cocky, funny, and could fart and belch as loud as any man around. Most of all they saw him as a warrior. He’s able to achieve a level comradery and friendship with other warriors like no one else.

And Yes…He dances!

Warriors have seen him dance… They’ve watched in awe as he’s danced… You see, when Cadrice dances, its always with his twin blades, the swords of moonlight. And it can only be described, as a soldier once put it “A choreograph of death on the battlefield…”

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