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Bailen is a well respected figure In the village. Seen somewhat as the village leader, The towns folk often turn to him when a problem arises or counsel is needed. He was given the land that is now known to be Maeve Village as a tribute by his powerful and influential friend, Lekado Kain, The Lord of the Westrose Lands.


Lekado saw fit to hand Bailen the land after fifteen years of loyal service as the manager of his estate. Through those years he grew fond of the old Gladiator, respecting his sincerity, loyalty, courage and most of all his brutal honesty.

Amongst his many talents Bailen enjoys cooking a good hearty meal; People have travelled far and wide, from the Northfeild to the lands of EastCliffs to sample his fine cuisine and chug down his strong ale, available in Maeves Rest, The Village Tavern.




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