• Sendah: The Axe That Belonged

    Encircled by the enemy, Len lead a ferocious attack and powered through enemy ranks!

    Sendah Slider
  • Project One: Day and Night

    Check out the latest Webdemo

    Day and night slider2
  • The Blackmsith

    The Blacksmith is run by Flint. along with his family (a wife, two sons and his young daughter). It produces tools, weapons and armor amongst other things….

    blacksmith slider
  • Bailen

    Bailen is a well respected figure In the viallage . Seen somewhat as the village leader, The villagers Often turn to him when a problem arises or counsel is needed

    Bailen slider
  • Focus

    “With the right focus, everything falls into place”
    Image: By Orange lake by *Blinck Deviant art

    Focus slider
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